【EN】Katsuyuki Oue Meridian Therapy Webinar 2024 (with English Interpreter)

Greetings from Mr. Katsuyuki Oue

The LA seminar, which was the first in three years, was filled with familiar faces, a friendly atmosphere, practical demonstrations, lively Q&A sessions, and the excitement of in-person interactions.

Moving forward, we plan to make the most of limited in-person lectures by designing programs that utilize what can and cannot be done online, leveraging the strengths of each medium. The seminar scheduled for 2024 will begin with a theoretical study in the January web seminar and focus on practical courses, primarily pulse diagnosis and hands-on techniques, during the May in-person seminar.

– The San Jiao, Pericardium, and Heart-Kidney Interaction:
This time, we will discuss San Jiao and Pericardium. It’s the first time we’ve discussed these topics in detail. The San Jiao and Pericardium are associated with the Ministerial Fire and have significant connections with the Heart-Kidney interaction. The Heart-Kidney interaction is a fundamental circuit of vital activities and is related to various health conditions. We will provide a detailed explanation of the roles of the Heart-Kidney interaction and the San Jiao and Pericardium.

– Cancer and Meridian Therapy:
In the clinical section, we will introduce approaches to cancer patients. Thanks to advancements in Western medicine, cancer is no longer synonymous with death. In this context, our role is to reduce the risk of cancer and support the body in its fight against cancer. We will discuss the Eastern medicine analysis of cancer and its practical clinical approaches.

– Meridian Therapy for Infertility:
In response to requests, we will also cover infertility treatment. While we have discussed infertility treatment alongside the treatment of gynecological diseases before, this time, we will focus on infertility treatment and provide a detailed explanation.

– English Interpretation:
Once again, we have the privilege of having Erika Haga as our English interpreter. Erica has been interpreting for Dr. Masakazu Ikeda regularly, handling our ad-lib-rich lectures flawlessly, and earning praise from our students. The advantages of English interpretation go beyond reaching a wider audience. It also encourages us speakers to choose concise language and speak in appropriate segments, improving the rhythm and deepening understanding, as we have received positive feedback.

We hope our Japanese participants will feel the enthusiasm of attendees from the United States and Australia. We always allocate ample time for questions, but we consistently run overtime due to their eagerness and sharp perspectives. Please appreciate their desire for knowledge and keen insights.

Katsuyuki Oue