As previously announced, Dr. Oue seminar is coming soon! 

Dear practitioners and students

As previously announced, Dr. Oue seminar is coming soon! 

It will be Saturday January, 8th and Sunday January 9th, from 4pm to 8pm PST. (4-7pm lecture; 7-8pm Q&A). The topic this time will be Spleen deficiency. This pattern requires to be covered in depth, so we are also planning to have another seminar on Friday April 29, Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 01 ( we are hoping to have a live lecture!!)

Nobody expected the pandemic to last this long and still be ongoing. However we anticipate to be able to attend a live seminar in 2022, so that we can practice together, improve skills and observe sensitive demonstrations in person. We are sure that everybody is under an enormous level of stress because of the current situation.

We expect you encountered difficulties in treating and that you all had had questions during the pandemic, due to the isolation we all found ourselves in. Not only Dr. Oue has high skills and abundant knowledge, but he is also very good at teaching. This is a rare opportunity to get great knowledge from a   superior teacher.

Because of my late notice, we postponed the early bird discount to December 24 instead of December 15. (Only overseas attendance)

Please fill in the registration on the following page. And send it back to me.


$ 140 (14000 yen): Until 12/15( Overseas 12/24)

$ 180 (18000 yen): After 12/16(overseas 12/25)

If you live outside of Japan, please send your payment to Kiyo Tsubakiyama.

Payment Method:

○ Outside of Japan

Kiyohide Tsubakiyama

Please send me an email.

○ Inside Japan

Please register from the link below.


If you have any questions,

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